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For Immediate Attention Call: (209) 333-3311 or (209) 465-5834

Termite Control



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Termites feed on detritus of mostly wood or cellulose-based plant materials. It is estimated that there are thousands of species worldwide. About 10 percent are pests that can cause serious structural damage to your home or building without any visual signs or your knowledge.

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Drywood Termites

Drywood termites live in wood which is dry and does not need contact with the soil to live. They normally infest dry, sound wood including your home’s structural lumber, dead limbs on trees, utility poles, decks, fences, lumber in storage and furniture.  From this infested wood, winged termites reproduce periodically and swarm to infest additional nearby wood.  Nests of most species remain entirely above ground and do not connect to the soil.


Subterranen Termites 

Subterranean termites are common throughout California and can be found infesting fallen trees, stumps, or other dead wood in contact with the soil in the forest, landscape, or structural lumber in your home.  They require a moist environment to satisfy this need, and usually nest in or near the soil and maintain some connection with the soil through tunnels in wood or through shelter tubes. Because of the moisture requirements of subterranean termites, they are often found in wood that has been slightly decayed and has contact with the soil.